Our ranching philosophy is cattle can be regenerative and can add  value to land that is not able to produce other food. Managing the soil and creating bio-diversity is crucial to the ranges and pasture lands. We value stockmanship and low stress cattle handling.

The key to producing healthy beef is by having healthy animals living off healthy land. Our cattle spend time on the pasture grazing on the green grass. All our cattle have access to fresh clean water troughs powered by solar energy and managed pastures to graze. Our Angus cattle are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids.

We produce slow food.

Solar cowboys

It has been said that ranchers are in the solar business- The sun grows the grass and forages the cows eat as well as powers the waterers and electric fencers in the managed grazing system.

Sustainability is everything in ranching.  My parents (Howard and Lucille) and grandparents (Rudy and Florence) worked so hard to keep the ranch going during difficult years. Our goal is improve the land, cattle genetics and ranch as a whole.

Brad Toews

Co-owner, HSR