Our cattle

Our cow herd is a base of moderate framed Black Angus crossed with Black Simmental.  We select genetics that thrive on summer grass and maintain body condition on low quality forages in the Winter months.

“Everything is better with some Cows around.”

Cows Around-

Momma cows

We calve large cow numbers on grass and need producing ranch cattle. The traits we select for are tight udders, conformation,calving ease, maternal genetics and longevity.


The sires HSR uses come from proven genetics and real ranch performance. We take great pride in selecting our bulls. Here are some photos of sires of bulls we have purchased or sires we have used through A.I.


Our Angus calves are bred to finish on a grass and forage based program. Our Angus crossed Simmental calves are bred for hybrid-vigor to finish in a pasture centered finishing program.